4 Mile Fire district proudly offers the W.A.S.P. kit

Additional Information

Used by Fire Departments throughout North America, our Patented WASP units incorporate US made Agricultural sprinkler heads. Agricultural sprinkler heads are more wind resistant, water conserving and can work on very low pressures - making them much more effective for wildfire embers, especially where water can be at a premium. These units have a 30 foot spray radius. The Full/Complete Kit includes - 2 Patented high quality WASP gutter mount units, 2 agricultural grade wind fighting Sprinkler heads, 2 Facia/Fence Brackets (for homes without gutters), 2 Forestry grade 25 foot hoses.

MSRP is $199.95  Four Mile Resident Price: $149.95

To order please call the Fire Department @ 719-689-3417 or email the Fire Chief @